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About me

I’m Jess Otero, a mom and a yoga teacher who has had it with feeling overwhelmed by stuff in the house! I got so tired of the extra stress and effort all the surplus STUFF in my house was causing.

I hated that I would be worried about putting things away or doing household chores instead of enjoying my children while they are young. I would try to make progress to get rid of things, but I just ended up making piles and then hiding them away somewhere. It never solved the problem! 

I found that I needed external support and accountability for motivation, so that is what I’m offering you! Reach out to me to take ownership of your space to make it something that serves and inspires you!


Decluttering in Doylestown, PA and surrounding areas:

Buckingham, PA
New Hope, PA
Solebury, PA
Warrington, PA
Lambertville, NJ